Monday, March 23, 2009

My ewe died

Well it seems that every time I write that I only have sad things to say. I guess the title kinda tells all. Well I really don't know what happened to my ewe. She started losing weight then just died on me. This really isn't my year. I have a very small flock (well its not even considered a flock until there are 12 sheep) I now only have 7 sheep, 3 ewes, and 4 lambs. I think I did to little to late. It brakes my heart when they just die. I think its easier when I know what happened, but in this case I don't. It's puzzling when this kind of thing happens, but they do.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

    I hope you don't lose anymore sheep and they all stay healthy.


  2. Sorry to hear this! Did she have lambs at her side or was still pregnant? How old was she? What a bummer. Keep your chin up, my dear. Thinking of you.

  3. Oh my dear girl...I am so sorry and wish I could make it better for you. Raising animals is difficult but rewarding; even in the midst of life there is death.
    I sincerely believe my animals will be with us in heaven. They gave God pleasure before He made me so I figure He'll want them to share eternity with us all.

  4. Thanks for all you support. Jami the lambs were almost ready to be weaned so they are doing ok with out her. Thank you everyone for your nice comments.