Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sheep barn and other things

I now have one more pen in my sheep barn. I needed to split up two sheep so they now have their own pen it's very nice. They were eating more then their share. I will put pictures on one of these days :D
Today I have to pick out a theme for the fair I have no idea what to do I've done it so many years I'm running out of ideas. ha ha ha You see with our fair everyone puts up plywood and makes it look nice. so that's what I will have to do right after this blog. Picking out the theme is my favorite part. It's just hard. :D
My oldest lamb is now very very big! Big but pretty. He's so sweet though. Well I have to end this short but I will put pictures up some time.



  1. Oh and I forgot to say that I sheared my other sheep the other day :) their so cute! Sorry I forgot that.

  2. I found your blog and think it is really interesting. I have sheep also and today, my little bottle fed lamb died suddenly. He was my favorite and I know I am going to miss him terribly. His name was bami and he was black and very sweet. Keep writing about your sheep adventures.

  3. Oh that's so sad I've lost a few bottle babies too! My first sheep was a bottle baby