Friday, December 12, 2008

My nursing home visit and my day

Today a few families want to a nursing home, but it was sorta sad because there were about two hundred residents at the nursing home. Well a few of them wanted to talk with us about things that they did when they were younger and the person who was showing us around the different halls was moving us by their rooms really fast. There was this one gentleman was there on D-day, and a different one who once drove a semi truck. I just think that it would have been so much nicer to talk to a few people, and learn there life stories. Not just walk by their rooms singing.
I went out to feed my sheep today there's not much to talk about with them. They are just starting to show that they are pregnant. They aren't much wider then normal, but their bodies are deeper. Basically everything is going great! I will talk about my sheep as often as I can.
I didn't talk about my dog yet so I will tell you about her. She is a Golden Retriever, And her name is Sadie. We didn't name her. She came with her name. If I would change it her name would be Lucy or Lady, but I won't ever change her name. She will always be Sadie to me. She came overweight, but she is losing it slowly. I'll put a few pictures of her on this post.
Sadie is so funny sometimes she thinks she sees something on the other side of the street. That is why her tail is up like that.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Sheep

I'm a christen girl and my passon is raiseing and showing sheep. I curently have four sheep, their names are Jochebed ( her name was JJ ) Mariam, Ziporha, and Ruth. The first three are going to have lambs in the spring. That will be so fun to have lambs again! The picture that I have on the top was my lamb from this year. He has now grown up and I sold him in Aug. He was Mariam baby, and he was a twin. Twins in sheep are more likly then a single lamb thou, so thats not strange to have twins. It's a sign of a heathy ewe ( a ewe is a female sheep ). I'll keep you posted on my sheep.