Monday, March 23, 2009

My ewe died

Well it seems that every time I write that I only have sad things to say. I guess the title kinda tells all. Well I really don't know what happened to my ewe. She started losing weight then just died on me. This really isn't my year. I have a very small flock (well its not even considered a flock until there are 12 sheep) I now only have 7 sheep, 3 ewes, and 4 lambs. I think I did to little to late. It brakes my heart when they just die. I think its easier when I know what happened, but in this case I don't. It's puzzling when this kind of thing happens, but they do.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More sad news, and a little fun news.

A few weeks ago my little lamb Zerubbabel died. It was so SAD. I know that this kind of thing happens, but he was doing so well it was SO weird. Then when he started getting sick it was about an hour then he was died. Well Asa his brother was REALLY sad....because sheep are flock animals. Well there was this little blind lamb that this man had. Well Ahaz he only made it a week before he died. I really don't know what happened he was fine the night before and in the morning he was found died.
Asa he's doing really well. It's so funny he thinks I'm his mom. I bring him out of his pen so he can run around a little. He doesn't run away. He stays within 5 feet of me. He won't let me out of his sight. He's so cute. Well today I wanted to do something fun with him. I took him an about a mile walk, and then we sat outside in our front yard with my dog and cat. I really have never given so much individual attention to one lamb without a reason, but it was fun.
Oh and yesterday I did a 4-H demo with him. There was this little 4 year old and Asa ran right up to her, and because her head was just a little higher then his. They had fun. He let the people look in his mouth and everything. I kinda like this little guy. More of a pet, but a pet I'm going to sell after he's 100 lbs. :)