Monday, April 26, 2010

Lambs and fun times

Happier times are here! I have four beautiful little lambs, two girls and two boys. Right now at this time I have 9 sheep. Last Sunday I took in a new ewe. Her old owners didn't want to keep her because she couldn't compete for food like the others. She's such a doll, and about the sweetest thing I've ever met. I've named her Mahershalalhashbaz. I've always loved the name but never had the guts to name something it. It's the longest name in the Bible! I've always love the stance names and have gotten a lot of weird looks when I say their names but it's part of the fun I guess.

Well I guess I'll tell you about the lambs, Ruth had hers first, she had the two boys. These were her first lambs, she fell in love with the second lamb, but wasn't so keen on her first baby the first week or so. Now she's the best mommy I could ask for, it's going to be a sad day when I wean them! And Elizabeth, (that's my new ewe that replaced the one that got killed last fall) she had her lambs a few hours after Ruth did! It was such a fun day! Her one lamb was huge! She was almost twice the size of the boys, but she was able to birth them without any help!

Right now I'm just about to start working with the babies for the fair. That and fatten up Mahershalalhashbaz, grass clippings and grains are her favorite treat (I'm still not sure what makes the clippings so special when there's grass, but she loves them for some reason) Also I will be weaning the lambs within a fee days. The weather is wonderful, it's been so beauiful I'll also need to shear them all soon!

God bless!