Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sheep Barn

My sheep barn now has 4 walls, 3 corners, a roof, and a door. Next we're going to put a door on the other side. Then the outside will be done! After we do that we will put a loft in for hay. And we'll find out a way to make better pens for them. I'm so Happy!

~A. K. T.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some more sad news

Hi everyone,
As I'm sure you guessed I got something sad to tell you. My favorite ewe was at the breeders farm, and the ram killed her! I was SO sad, but because my breeder is nice he's going to replace her with one of his own ewes. It makes it a little easier to take. Oh but my sheep barn is closer to being done! it's got a roof and one wall! ;) It really must look like only sad things happen to me and my sheep, but I don't get to my blog very much and when I do it's because most likely something sad happened! Sorry I'm going to try to write about happier things more now! So I hope to blog more in the future!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


The other day my little brother got a baby bunny. He's only had it a week or so. Well just a few minutes ago, we found the bunny died, our barn cat killed it. The part that makes it the worse is this cat is a horrible mouser. I just don't know why it would kill it. I've seen mice walk inches away from this cat's face, and the cat could care less. I'm just really sad for my brother. I'm also sad for the family who gave him that bunny, they have 9 kids and they all love the bunnies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sheep update

It's been for ever sense I last wrote. I'm done showing at the fair. I was afraid the big boy Uzziah wasn't going to make weight, but he did! The big surprise this year was that my ewe Rahab was the Rate of Gain Champion! I was so HAPPY! So at the sale I sold Rahab, the sale wasn't as good this year, but it was better then everyone thought it would be. It was also way better then market price. Well my little bottle baby that i was going to sell when he got to be 100lbs. or so, well someone wanted a "pet" for their other sheep, so that it wouldn't be alone. So he's got a good home where they won't eat him. :D so that turned out way better then I thought it would. as you can see from the top I also got a bunny. Her name is Esther, The newest pet of mine though is a little barn cat named Zoe, she now lives in the house.

The Crazy Sheep Girl :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sheep barn and other things

I now have one more pen in my sheep barn. I needed to split up two sheep so they now have their own pen it's very nice. They were eating more then their share. I will put pictures on one of these days :D
Today I have to pick out a theme for the fair I have no idea what to do I've done it so many years I'm running out of ideas. ha ha ha You see with our fair everyone puts up plywood and makes it look nice. so that's what I will have to do right after this blog. Picking out the theme is my favorite part. It's just hard. :D
My oldest lamb is now very very big! Big but pretty. He's so sweet though. Well I have to end this short but I will put pictures up some time.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sheep shearing

Well yesterday I sheared my big lamb, because he had a weigh-in today. Well he's one pretty boy! I'll take some pictures and put them on some time. Well I was hoping that he would be under 100lbs. ,and he's 96lbs. That's not ideal but it's manageable. What you really want is 70lbs. but I know someone who weigh-in a 104lb. lamb and made it to the fair. So I can do it if I try hard, and I will. I would have sheared my other sheep, but we were having a cold spell and the sheep are outside. The one I did shear is wearing a slinky. That's like a tight fitting shirt. He'll wear that until tomorrow or at least when it get's warmer. Well that's all I have for now, I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lamb update

Well the weather around my neck of the the woods is really nice. My sheep love it. if they're not outside, they are sitting in the barn with the door all the way open. I've taken them on walks. the three oldest one's don't like the walks, but the bottle baby can't get to much walking for his taste. There's not much more to say, but I just wanted to let you guys know that my sheep are all doing well. I can't wait for summer!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just an update

Well I haven't wrote anything for a long time so I'll update you on what has happened on the farm. Well the lambs who lost their mom are doing just fine. The are now just about best friends with the little bottle baby of mine. All the lambs are weaned so it's a little easier doing chores now. I need to give the last shots of CD/T to the lambs.

I never talked of this before, but We're starting a sheep barn. Right now the sheep are in the cow barn. Lets just say it will be much nicer having their own place. The cows are starting to calve so we need more room. That's always fun even if the cow aren't mine. We now have 4 calves and I think we're expecting about 10. I could be wrong on the numbers, they aren't my cows, but about that many.

It's finally starting to warm up. I can't wait to get the sheep outside. It's fun seeing the babies running up and down the little hills. I have to start shearing soon, because I don't have very many sheep I shear them myself. But it still takes all day. I've sheared my own sheep ever sense I got my first lamb. I think I was 7. So I've been doing it a long time. The ewes don't have to look as pretty because their not show sheep, but the lambs are so they take a really long time to shear.

Well the lambs I'll have to start walking because I have to tone there muscles for the shows. I also have to work with them because in the shows you walk around the ring with them. and you do it with bare hands. Also you have to brace them so that the judge can feel them. It's a lot of hot work getting them use to that.

Well I think that's all I have to say for now. I'll talk to you all later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My ewe died

Well it seems that every time I write that I only have sad things to say. I guess the title kinda tells all. Well I really don't know what happened to my ewe. She started losing weight then just died on me. This really isn't my year. I have a very small flock (well its not even considered a flock until there are 12 sheep) I now only have 7 sheep, 3 ewes, and 4 lambs. I think I did to little to late. It brakes my heart when they just die. I think its easier when I know what happened, but in this case I don't. It's puzzling when this kind of thing happens, but they do.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More sad news, and a little fun news.

A few weeks ago my little lamb Zerubbabel died. It was so SAD. I know that this kind of thing happens, but he was doing so well it was SO weird. Then when he started getting sick it was about an hour then he was died. Well Asa his brother was REALLY sad....because sheep are flock animals. Well there was this little blind lamb that this man had. Well Ahaz he only made it a week before he died. I really don't know what happened he was fine the night before and in the morning he was found died.
Asa he's doing really well. It's so funny he thinks I'm his mom. I bring him out of his pen so he can run around a little. He doesn't run away. He stays within 5 feet of me. He won't let me out of his sight. He's so cute. Well today I wanted to do something fun with him. I took him an about a mile walk, and then we sat outside in our front yard with my dog and cat. I really have never given so much individual attention to one lamb without a reason, but it was fun.
Oh and yesterday I did a 4-H demo with him. There was this little 4 year old and Asa ran right up to her, and because her head was just a little higher then his. They had fun. He let the people look in his mouth and everything. I kinda like this little guy. More of a pet, but a pet I'm going to sell after he's 100 lbs. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twins update

Well I now know what to name the twins. Their name's are Asa, and Zerubbabel. I guess I just like strange Bible names...... Well this morning they drank there bottle better that at 3:40....(that's when I was able to drag myself out of my bed and walk down two sets of steps.) Well it's not as much as I could hope, but it's better. Well I don't have much time to write.....bye

Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I got a phone call from someone who use to be my sheep leader. Well he asked me if I could take care of these twin lambs whose mom got mastitis. The lambs started getting hypodermic, so right now there in my basement and I have to bottle feed them four times a day. They are the sweetest things that you could ever meet. Well my old sheep leader says that for each lamb that lives I will work weekend and then there mine! Well I better go feed them so I have to cut this post short.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is Uzziah. He was born on the 22nd.

He really likes the barn cats. This cat is Moe.

Here Uzziah is with his mom.

Uzziah and Moe likes the heat lamp....a LOT!

Look at he's sweet little face!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sad sheep news

On Friday the 16Th, my sheep Zippy had twin lambs. I never lad eyes on them alive. I think the other sheep had been mean, or something like that. However it happened, they are died. It makes me so sad to think that maybe there might have been something I could have done if I would have gone out to the barn sooner. I really didn't think that she would have been the first ewe to give birth. I really didn't think that she was going to have twins also. Normally the first year they lamb they have twins. I just can never get over a death when I don't know what happened. Well now I have the last two ewes in different pens so that they won't bug each other when they're lambing, or hurt each others lambs when they come. I know that there's a reason God let this happen even if I don't know what it is. I have gotten a little better so I'm not as sad. Tho I still sometimes still feel like crying, but not as often.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Day

Sorry I haven't wrote a new blog in a long time. Well my sheep are really showing there pregnancy now! They are getting so wide and are starting to make milk to prepare for the birth of their lambs. I just hope I'll be prepared.....panicking, freaking out inc.....Well I have never "freaked out" before, but I have been nervous during their births. Well I still even after all this time don't have much to talk about. If something imported happens I'll write to you about it.