Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sheep update

It's been for ever sense I last wrote. I'm done showing at the fair. I was afraid the big boy Uzziah wasn't going to make weight, but he did! The big surprise this year was that my ewe Rahab was the Rate of Gain Champion! I was so HAPPY! So at the sale I sold Rahab, the sale wasn't as good this year, but it was better then everyone thought it would be. It was also way better then market price. Well my little bottle baby that i was going to sell when he got to be 100lbs. or so, well someone wanted a "pet" for their other sheep, so that it wouldn't be alone. So he's got a good home where they won't eat him. :D so that turned out way better then I thought it would. as you can see from the top I also got a bunny. Her name is Esther, The newest pet of mine though is a little barn cat named Zoe, she now lives in the house.

The Crazy Sheep Girl :D